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Types Of Corporate Engagement


Development & Co-operations

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Ways to Partner ARII

  • Long-Term Strategic Partnerships

    Sustainable strategic partnerships with ARII can take many different forms. The main aim of all the relationships is to pursue a set of agreed goals or to jointly meet a critical social need. ARII  seeks to agree long-term strategic partnerships with companies, institutions, and individuals in order to bring together joint strategic resources such as products, communications channels, project funding, capital equipment, knowledge, expertise, or intellectual property and usually a combination of many of these, so that together we can positively impact the lives of children and build a more stable society.

  • Collaborative Partnership

    We recognize the other organizations that are working in our line of work and putting our expertise and funds including strategies together, we can make the impact we are expected from our joint efforts. Example of such partnership is with the Agape Samaritan International, Little Rocks, Arkansas and Ghana Education Service

  • Funding Partnership

    Support from grant makers represents makes great impact on ARII  lifesaving and development programme that life millions of children out of extreme poverty. Such programmes and projects are time bound and provides partners the satisfaction of knowing that their contribution is making life less stressful for children, families and communities in Ghana and Africa.

    Example of such programmes is the Ghana Rural Education Support programme aimed at reaching out to more than 6,500 children, providing access to primary education and giving them the tools to learn. We will also help over 50 pupil teachers improve their skills and make it easier for 1,450 parents to get involve in and support their children’s education. Such partnerships exist with MBG Limited.

  • Innovation Partnership

    This kind of partnerships offers new solutions to development issues. Partnership is focuses on using technology and internet to drive organizational development, community growth, child development excellence, educational and health achievement. ARII joins hands with companies who are at the forefront of research and development of products, services and systems to find solution to existing development challenges at the local, national, regional and continental levels. DreamOval Limited, Telligent Ghana Systems are perfect examples of such partnerships.

  • Skill Transfer and Employee Engagement Partnerships

    ARII  needs your help and expertise to further improve the organization. We are building the world’s largest African Humanitarian Network. The reason is simple: so that we can reach out to our people , especially children, who are the future of our land, when they need it the most. We believe in the principle that within every company there is a wealth of knowledge and experience which, if used in creative ways, can be channeled into collective action to achieve the communities’ desired goals to save many lives on time.
    Linking your company with our charity can boast staff morale. Getting your staff involved in supporting ARII  promotes team-building, learning and development. Uniting behind a common cause encourages loyalty to an organization and motivates staff to reach a common target.
    Communications, Marketing, and Fundraising Partnerships

    Direct programme investment is one of the brilliant ways in your company can partner with us.
    With our mandate of promoting human dignity and sustainable livelihood in Africa and beyond ARII has projects that is relevant to your line of business, matches your sustainability needs and inspires your staff and customers. ARII  also provides the opportunity for your company to publicize our work. This can facilitate your company’s reputation.
    Our comprehensive analysis, planning, monitoring and evaluation of situations at project areas give you vivid report about how your support is improving the lives of millions of children and communities in Africa.

  • Emergency Response Partnerships

    Your company can help us act quickly to the needs of children when disaster strikes by becoming ARII Emergency Response Partner.
    In times of emergency, children can’t wait to receive the attention they need. Our save the Child Emergency Relief Fund gives us the confidence to respond on time.
    Find out more about the Save a Child Emergency Relief Fund
    We are looking for strategic partners to support our emergency response by;
    a. Making corporate donation
    b. Staff and customer fundraising
    c. Raising awareness when disaster strikes
    d. Donating advertising space
    e. In-kind donation (goods or services)
    In emergencies, every action counts. Your support, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated and will be put to excellent use for children.Start a partnership plan today. Join the Global Impact Network

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