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Over 14, 500 people were served, 2,000 registered for the NHIS.

In two weeks over 100 Doctors in the Gap skilled physicians, anaesthetists, disease control experts, dieticians, nurses, midwives, logisticians, lab technologists, optometrists, Ophthalmologists, epidemiologists, surgeons and other medical and non-medical professionals delivered lifesaving medical care to people living in the remote, impoverished and forgotten villages on the on the Dwarf (proposed Hope Island) in the Afram Plains North District of the Eastern Region, Ghana.

Doctors in the Gap is a global medical volunteer programme and a network of medical and non-medical professionals committed to bridging the healthcare gap in resource-poor communities in Africa and beyond. ATI and partners through the Doctors in the Gap Initiative takes a collaborative approach to provide quality health care programmess and services to people in the most disadvantaged communities in Africa.

Despite progress made in healthcare delivery over the years, Africa is still experiencing a serious shortage of doctors and nurses. The situation is worsening and will reach an unimaginable level in the next few years if care is not taken. The projected population increase coupled with the noticeable trend of economic challenges, corruption, irresponsible Leadership and political instability in some areas in Africa is forcing many physicians to leave for greener pastures.

The team visited over 7  CHP Zones with health personnel, medications and donations to help improve the lives of the people, making healthcare accessible to all the island communities, some of them were seeing doctors and nurses for the first time  in their lives.

The Hope Island: Doctors in the Gap addressing the health needs of over 103 communities and villages far removed from the scrutiny of the world…


Background to the Dwarf Island -Now Hope Island

The Dwarf Island (now Hope Island) has over 103 communities with a population of 36,700 inhabitants. The main occupations in the area are crop farming and fishing. There is high rate of poverty and deprivation on the island due to unreachability to basic necessities of life such as quality health care, education, and better livelihood. The ever increasing population coupled with the noticeable trend of poverty and several years of neglect put several thousands of live in danger. The island has only 5 Community Health Post (CHP) compounds serving the whole population which is woefully inadequate. Each day, the lives of children, mothers and other helpless people are lost and go unrecorded and forgotten. To some, getting medication to treat an ailment is a luxury. Distance and access are major challenges on this island.

With over 36,700 people spread in 103 communities, there is no single midwife. The malfunctioning CHPS Compounds are managed by four community health officers who serve under life-threatening situations and hardly receive any form of assistance from the District Health Directorate. Access rout to the Island is only by boats powered by Outboard motors.

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