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International Medical Volunteer Programme


Medical Volunteer Programme for Physicians Moving to Ghana and Africa.

The DOCTORS IN THE GAP team will be embarking on a two-week International Medical Volunteer Mission to the DWARF ISLAND in the Afram Plains North District in the Eastern Region. With over seventy (70) medical and non-medical professionals, the team will seek to help bridge the Healthcare gap in these remote and deprived communities by providing free life saving support, health screening, diagnoses, treatment and other medical services within the period.

Doctors in the Gap is a network of certified medical doctors, midwives, nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, health assistants, health educators committed to bridging the healthcare gap in resource-poor communities in Africa.

Doctors In The Gap takes a collaborative approach to provide quality health care programs and services to people in the most disadvantaged communities in Africa.

The Founder of ARII on the Future of Healthcare in Africa and ARII’s Approach.

Prince Williams Oduro

In recent years, international attention to the distressing state of health in sub-Saharan Africa has increased hugely. This increase covers areas like; funding to combat major health problems including infrastructure, treatment and prevention. Examples can be sited in Zanzibar (Tanzania) where malaria deaths have been reduced significantly. Also in Uganda, maternal mortality has dropped by more than half. These improvements notwithstanding, the health of the vast majority of people in Africa, especially, sub-of the Sahara calls for a more collaborative approach in developing practical solutions in bridging the healthcare gap. The incidence of alarming rate of chronic diseases, poor infrastructure and dysfunctional systems create much difficulty for Africa’s healthcare workers. In most of the communities where we work, access to basic healthcare is essentially non-existent. But even in places where primary healthcare exists, poverty deprives large majority of the population from access. The World Health Organization estimates that over 4 million more health workers are needed to bridge the gap, with 1.5 million needed for Africa alone.  The Doctors in the Gap Programme provides a more comprehensive approach that strengthens key elements of local health systems to save many lives. With a more co-ordinated method, we are able to develop practical and cost-effective solutions to bridging the healthcare gap.

Working with Communities in Need

Thomas B. Sennor (District Director of Health Services), Sawla-Kalba-Tuna District, Northern Region
Thomas B. Sennor (District Director of Health Services), Sawla-Kalba-Tuna District, Northern Region

“Africa Rights Initiatives International has brought smiles on the faces of many, especially, cripples/ disabled who received crutches, the poor sighted who received glasses and medications, the poor who received clothing, the 1,225 poor people who received free Health Insurance coverage and the general public that received free medical care and above all, the financial support for the Anti-Snake Venom (ASV) to save the life of the poor woman in Kporibayiri, and referral of the poor boy who died on the way to the hospital. Your Midwives also conducted great deliveries during your visit. Only God knows what would have happened as the only Midwife for the Sub-district was still on her annual leave.”


The Doctors in the Gap Feasibility Team with some members of the Kpadzikope community on the Dwarf Island

The Dwarf Island has 103 communities with most of them extremely deprived of the the basic necessities of life like quality healthcare, education and sustainable livelihood. The Island has only seven(7) Community Health Posts (CHP) which are illresourced and are unable to serve the 36,700 inhabitants on the island. the CHP zones provide only first aid services to the people and so serious illnesses are usually crossed to as far as Donkorkrom Presby Hospital, the only one in the District.

The major economic activity on the land is agriculture (fish, crop and livestock farming) in small scale since most of the people cannot afford to expand their businesses. The main route to get to the island is by the use of local canoes or boats. Prevalent illness health threats recorded from the Feasibility studies include Malaria (Type 1&2), Fever, Blood in urine, Blood in stool, Eye problems, Dental problems, Skin diseases, Snake and Scorpion bites, Body pains, Fatigue, Breast pains and Sores.

ARII after the outreach has long term goals of improving the healthcare and education system of the island. With the support of local and international donors, partners and sponsors, a period of five (5) years will be dedicated to bringing lifetime and sustainable change to the lives of children and families on the Island.

The Doctors in the Gap Project team with some members of the Togome Old Town on the Island.

The Impact

Within the two-week period and in about seven different treatmnet points on the island, the Doctors in the Gap team will

serve all the 103 communities and provide free screening, diagnoses and treatment to most of the inhabitants. There will also be referrals of illnesses that need special attention or medications to the Presbyterian Hospital in Donkorkrom. Other identified and recorded special treatments and surgeries will also be scheduled for in the second phase of the Doctors in the Gap Programme. Other impact goals include:

  • Provision and administering of free medication to all the inhabitants with various sicknesses, and diseases.
  • Provision of health education on preventive and precautionary measures to certain illnesses, diseases and health threats.
  • Registration of over 2,000 people on the National Health Insurance Scheme for one year.
  • Donations of clothes, shoes and educational materials to communities especially to the children.
  • Donation of medical equipment, items and consumables to the various health facilities and CHP Zones
  • Provision of enriched foods to combat child malnutrition and mortality in the deprived communities.
  • Provision of maternal health services to pregnant women and nursing mothers to help reduce maternal mortality in the area.

Doctors in the Gap works with the existing Health Directorate, hospitals, clinics and health personnel in order to better address the needs of the communities and help people get out of poverty and preventable deaths.


The Doctors in the Gap addresses the African human resources for health crisis by recruiting and placing healthcare volunteers at health care centres in the most disadvantaged communities.  Building on  ARII’s vision of establishing a volunteer medical mission, the Doctors in the Gap Programme sends medical professionals to provide care directly to those in need. The programme also helps to place public health and non-medical professionals to address broader health needs within communities and strengthen health management and information systems.

  1. Treatment
  2. Health Education
  3. Training

Go Where the Need is Greatest with Doctors in the Gap

To volunteer, please click on the link and register your details.

Individuals, corporate organizations, pharmaceuticals, hospitals who would like to support with health personnel, medical items, drugs or cash can send an email to adarfour@ariint.org , doctorsinthegap@ariint.org or call +233 307 001 526/7 , +233 541 631 680 , +233 246 649 907.

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