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How To Apply

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What are my benefits?

You gain an opportunity of develop a richer and more comprehensive worldview on life through real life encounters with people in need, lack and destitution. Through practical field exercises and training, ARII volunteers sharpen their skills as social scientists to be outstanding social entrepreneurs. Your one time volunteer opportunity provides an International Recognition Award by way of certification or recommendation letters for post-voluntary service use.

Who can apply for the programme?

Individual(s) from age18 with the passion to help people in deplorable conditions in any assigned  ARII area of operation. You should possess good interpersonal and multi-cultural skills, and the ability to communicate well in English. Candidate should be available for at least one month.

How To Apply

  • Step 1: Register Online
    Register by filling out our online volunteer registration form (see link above) with your personal details (name, age, address, area(s) you intend to volunteer for, etc.) After completing and submitting your form, you will be redirected to a success page once your application is successful. Click Here to register.
  • Step 2: Save Application File
    After submitting your completed application, you can now download your application file (PDF) via a link provided in your success page.
  • Step 3: Email Confirmation
    Once your application is successfully sent, you will sent a confirmation email within 3 working days indicating your volunteer confirmation and any other details you may need to know.
  • Step 4: Application Complete!
    Congratulations on completing your volunteer application! ARII welcomes you to Africa and values your effort in fighting for human dignity and sustainable livelihood. Refer to the information and procedures for your preparation and arrival in Africa.

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