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Give with Confidence

Give with Confidence

ARII Leading Change in Africa
JAMES NTIM AMPONSAH Deputy Controller and Accountant General, (ICTM) Republic of Ghana/ ATI (Formerly ARII) International Advisory Council


“The little that I give and the result that I see motivates me to go on and it gives me the kind of satisfaction that no money can buy”


AfricaThriving International – ATI (Formerly ARII) Leading Change in Africa

“Africa demands strong institutions like AfricaThriving International – ATI (Formerly African Rights Initiative International) viable of developing and implementing programmes that improve the quality of life of our people and give them hope for a fulfilling and sustainable future”
I recognize the important role ATI (Formerly ARII) is playing in leading change for hurting children and their families in the most disadvantaged communities of Africa.

The ever increasing inequality gap in our time calls for urgent and effective collaborations with institutions and governments who are at the forefront of development. Every 10 seconds, a child dies from poverty related diseases. 66 million primary school age children attend classes hungry across developing world, with 23 million in Africa alone. I believe this demands astrong consented and relentless efforts from all stakeholders to pause read more

and take a sober reflection of the future of the world we are creating; insecurity, strife and instability, a world empty of compassion and devoid of deeds. I am passionate about what ATI (Formerly ARII) is doing; saving lives, building the healthcare system in Africa, protecting

Children from exploitation, providing educational opportunities for children and empowering people to work their way out of poverty. I urge all institutions; multi-nationals, national and local corporations, governments, churches, traditional rules and every individual to come on board as we build the largest African humanitarian network. The reason is simple; so that we can continue provide assistance to the people who need it most urgently and expand the scope of our programmes to those who would not survive without our help. Join me with ATI (Formerly ARII) as we lead change for children and communities in need in Africa and beyond.

We’re proud of ATI’s (Formerly ARII) efficient use of contributions!


“The ATI (Formerly ARII) model of poverty alleviation is a tested example and has proven results. I am much enthused about their ability to use little resources to a achieve greater results”

Afua B. Ansre

Formerly, UN Women Ghana

As stewards for Africa’s vulnerable children, and people living in the most disadvantaged communities we believe it is our responsibility to use every dollar and resource received judiciously. Ninety percent of total contributions go directly toward the mission of our organization, including program services and educating the public. 100% of all public donations directly fund project costs, and we prove every dollar using photos and GPS coordinates on Google Maps.


What makes us different?


  • We are building the world’s largest African Humanitarian Network.
  • AfricaThriving International – ATI (Formerly ARII) is an organization in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council
  • We work with other international organizations to share best practices and to ensure that our programme have lasting impact in the lives of the beneficiary individuals and communities.
  • ATI (Formerly ARII) is an independent apolitical humanitarian network calved out of a deep passion to see society developed and children, especially, orphans and vulnerable and disadvantaged women coming out of obscurity to have a sense of self –worth.
  • Through our global network we provide excellent, more viable, practical and result oriented services in promoting human dignity and sustainable livelihood.
  • We have a team of selfless professionals who bring a wealth of experience and vision to the entire organization.
  • Our Governing Board provides clear guidance and sense of direction in maintaining our integrity and credibility. They also encourage ATI (Formerly ARII) executive staff, associate staff workers, partners and volunteers to strive for excellence in their invaluable, treasured and peerless service to society
  • ATI (Formerly ARII) responds quickly to provide essential help to African’s most vulnerable people especially, children and families who desperately need our support.
  • ATI (Formerly ARII) has an independent institution that provides credible policy inputs that inform the design and implementation of programmes.

Financial disclosures

Organized under the laws of Ghana as a not-for-profit corporation, ATI (Formerly ARII) is exempt from tax under Internal Revenue Code and qualifies for the maximum charitable contribution deduction by donors. Our National Identification Number is registered (G-22, 487)

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