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ARII  worldwide is supported by hundreds of volunteers who are a core part of our team. Our volunteering opportunities range from field work to office work to event organisation to public awareness raising and fundraising. Volunteering with us is an opportunity to develop new skills and make new friends. Our annual fundraising event, Total Emancipation-United Against Child Poverty, Heal the Child Concert, and other fundraising events are all supported by teams of committed and enthusiastic volunteers while across our offices skilled volunteers help us with tasks from marketing to accounting.
If you have time to give and the commitment to end poverty and injustice we are keen to welcome you among our team. Get in touch with us to find out more.

If you don’t have a local ARII you can still apply to volunteer or intern via one of our affiliates or you can use your time to raise awareness of our work by organizing a local event or fundraising in support of our work.


The Connecting Classrooms volunteer programme provides a great opportunity to influence the potentials of children by lending a helping hand in classrooms across Africa. Teach, support and have fun as a volunteer on one of our teaching and education projects while providing much needed support for local teachers.

In most of the communities we work, there are no schools and children have to wait till they are 9 years old before they can go to school. The Connecting Classroom volunteers help ARII to create temporal structures to give these children the start they need in education.

Connecting Classrooms Volunteering gives these children the opportunity and right to dream; a mind that is rightly positioned to create a better future for them. With your experience, expertise, energy, and vision, engaging these children can go a long way to the excitement they need to sustain them in school.


This program is targeted at enhancing the welfare of children in all spheres of their lives. The program allows volunteers to work with children in baby homes, orphanages, shelter homes, families and their communities by tackling poverty in all its forms in Africa.

The Stand Against Child Poverty program offers essential help to children in homes and hospitals in order to safeguard their growth and development. Volunteers also undertake rescue operations to save children from exploitation and sensitize people on communities on the need to uphold the rights and freedoms of children. This will enhance the growth and development of the child.

Help ARII to redefine the lives of underprivileged children by volunteering to sponsor any of our interventions aimed at curtailing child poverty and promoting the well-being and advancing the rights of children.

As part of ARIIs Medical Interventions in Africa, The Doctors in the Gap Initiative, is a network of certified medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists and health physicians committed to bridging the healthcare gap in resource-poor communities in Africa. Our aim is to complement the efforts of governments, medical institutions, communities and single individuals in achieving the expected success in healthcare delivery.

How We Work

We address the African human resources for health crisis by recruiting and placing healthcare volunteers at healthcare centres in the most disadvantaged communities. The programme also helps to place public health and non-medical professionals to address broader health needs within communities and strengthen health management and information systems.

The Approach

Doctors in the Gap works with communities, regional, municipal and districts and assemblies.  ARII through the Doctors in Gap works in assisting healthcare delivery in communities of Ghana through clinics, hospitals and or community outreach programmes.

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