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Who We Need

Who We Need

Help people and put your medical skills and experience to use in some of the most challenging situations in the world.

Doctors in the Gap works with wide range of health and non-health professionals to bridge the healthcare gap in Africa.


Help people and put your medical skills and experience to use in some of the most challenging situations in the world.

Registered Nurses/Nurse Practitioners

Being a nurse with Doctors in the Gap is very challenging but provides a great satisfying experience. Nurses help to build new health posts and provide basic healthcare needs of beneficiary communities.

Technical Logisticians

Technical logisticians Doctors in the Gap with daily support to all medical projects and activities. Specialists in Infectious Diseases like HIV AIDS and Tuberculosis. Doctors in the Gap programs include the treatment and management of a variety of communicable diseases which needs the expertise specialized


Each day 800 women die worldwide from causes related to pregnancy and childbirth, while millions more suffer from post-partum injuries. Developing countries like Ghana account for 99% of all maternal deaths, with nearly three fifths of the maternal deaths occurring in sub-Saharan Africa alone. The cumulative lifetime risk of maternal death is as high as 1 in 16 pregnancies in some countries in sub-Saharan Africa, compared to 1 in 2800 in most developed countries. Such is the disparities Doctors in the Gap seeks to bridge.

Midwives with Doctors in the Gap help deliver babies and saves mothers in most life threatening situations.

General Logisticians

Logisticians complement the efforts of Doctors in the Gap on the field through fixing broken supplies manage health post building projects all in.


Providing critical help that saves children and families in emergencies

Licensed Mental Health Specialists

Mental Health posts in Africa needs specialists to help in providing essential health to mental health patients. Specialists also help in designing and implementing short and long term programmes in collaboration with local authorities

Financial Administrators

Financial Administrators are responsible for bookkeeping, budget control, financial reporting, and HR management for international and local staff.

Anesthesiologists/Nurse Anesthetists

Anesthetists works with Doctors in the Gap especially in communities far removed from the scrutiny of the world.


Pharmacists work with Doctors in the Gap as custodians drugs and medical equipment. ccess to essential drugs is one of our major concerns.


Gynecologists with Doctors in the Gap perform essential health in the healthcare delivery. They help in planned deliveries and emergency  situations. They also manage complications immediately after deliveries and train and support both surgical and midwifery staff.


Looking for findings to enhance healthcare programmes in Africa

Laboratory Technicians

Laboratory technicians are placed at play an important role in running our laboratories and monitoring outbreaks of disease and the impact of our responses.

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