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The work has potential applications

The work has potential applications in a number of fields besides athletics. One of Morrison's research projects is a Department of Defense sponsored collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania and Duke University. Its findings, which could be implemented within three to five years, could affect helmet design or regulations for how long a soldier should…

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cycling hits summit of success

cycling hits summit of success wholesale nfl jerseys Apparently it not only the shopping that becomes competitive amongst the man tribes who ride out in unison. Unlike, say, five a side football, it is possible to objectively compare performance with your mates. Like the cave man who brought home the biggest mammoth after a hunt…

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John W Ittenbach

John W Ittenbach, one of the current owners of "J Willy's Barbeque House", a restaurant recently featured on Chef Gordon Ramsay's show "Kitchen Nightmares", has notified the real estate agent holding the listing that J Willy's BBQ House will no longer be up for sale. J Willy himself has requested additional time to pursue like…

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will see that Paul was speaking

EB: Appalshop is in Whitesburg, Kentucky, a town of 1,200 people, in the southeastern corner of Kentucky, in the coal fields of the Appalachian mountains. The concept of Appalshop is to be a community based media center; it's primarily local people documenting the history, culture, and social issues of their region. Part of its mission…

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The Ravens offered fans a chance

GAINESVILLE All for the "safe" Gators, stand up and holler! The first University of Florida football game of the season is a little over three weeks away. While the University Athletic Association has been preparing for the big day, one item on the checklist has assumed a much greater urgency in recent months Security. Football…

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