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Car Donations

Vehicle Donation Programme of Africa Thriving International (Formerly African Rights Initiative International)

Go where the need is greatest with ARII

By supporting ATI (Formerly ARII) through car donation you help support an organization that strives to improve the self-worth of the African child and build strong system for sustainable livelihood in Africa.
Companies and individuals who support ARII relief and development programmes with a car donation may also be eligible for a tax deduction. Your car donation makes an amazing difference; from delivering educational and health resources to disadvantaged communities in to delivering relief aid in emergencies

According to UNICEF nearly 21,000 children die every day.
“We can’t turn a blind eye to the tens of thousands of young children who die every day in the developing world mostly from causes that are preventable.” – David Beckham

Why Donate Your Car to ARII

ATI (formerly ARII) is dedicated to building a better world for millions of children and promote the sustainable livelihood for several households for improved standard of living. Your car donation makes it possible for ARII’s trained ground officials and team of selfless professionals to implement key strategies in resource poor communities and in places where the need is greatest. We sincerely welcome you to our international networks of like-minded individuals, companies and organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life of the most disadvantaged children and communities who are affected by extreme poverty, low level of education and inadequate healthcare in Africa and beyond.

This is achieved through providing, promoting and advancing children’s rights to basic necessities, including education and health care which aims at long-term sustainable development that affect children’s families and communities.

Having operated as a charity since March 2007, Africa Thriving International (Formerly African Rights Initiative International) became a fully registered charity on 5th November, 2007 and is committed to our mandate of promoting human dignity and sustainable livelihood.

You can be sure that your car donation will go to an organization more committed than ever to reducing the number of deaths of children due to POVERTY. 


Your Car Donation Makes a great Difference

Car donation platform seeks to join forces with those who are willing to belong to ARII’s effort to stop the needless suffering and advertiful death of children in the African continent. We are concerned about unacceptable high levels of child and family poverty in Ghana and the African continent. We are troubled about the hazards to the future education, social, physical, development and employment success of poor children presently living in poor families in Ghana and Africa, especially, sub of the Sahara.

ARII mobilization programme goes beyond donation of material resources but others who are willing to spread the word, advocate and lead change within their own communities in promoting human dignity and sustainable livelihood.

Donating your car to ARII is the fast and easy way of ensuring that your dollars reach children and families in need when they need it most.  ARII’s focus is to build a better world for children safeguard the development the African child to bring lifelong solution to the things that affects them most. ARII makes the most of every contribution and makes cars for charity a reality.

Start your car donation now

You can call us +233 246-649-907 to speak with one of our resources mobilization experts.

What types of vehicle donations are accepted?

Any car donated, no matter the type is appreciated and will be put to excellent use. We accept trucks, vans, trailers, boats, motorhomes, RVs, motorcycles, ATVs, SUVs and other recreational vehicles. ARII accepts boats and planes. They only have to meet slightest criteria

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