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ATI Centre for Livelihood and Economic Development to Launch a Social And Economic Equity Fund in Africa

ATI Centre for Livelihood and Economic Development to Launch a Social And Economic Equity Fund in Africa

Indigenous communities across the globe are rich in diversity and tradition, however credit and social indicators in these communities often fall far below those of the general population. Located in remote areas, these communities are challenged by limited access to basic services that will empower them to work their way out of extreme poverty.

Against this background, The Centre for Livelihood and Economic Development at ATI in October 2015 will launch an economic and social equity fund called “ Development Fund International” to accelerate the development of low income earners in resource-poor countries in Africa.

The Development Fund International, is an International Social-Economic Equity Fund established by ATI to empower people economically while ensuring that those who live in poverty, particularly vulnerable groups are empowered to work their way out of chronic poverty, transforming their lives, their children’s futures and their communities.

The Fund started out as an ATI Development programme called “Equal Opportunity for Under-privileged Women” (EQOUW-Project) in 2009 before its transition, in 2014, to its current form as a separate finance and development institution owned and governed by AfricaThriving International – ATI.

DFI will partner with grassroots groups to implement micro-credit and micro-insurance programs in rural and urban poor regions of Ghana and other countries across the African Continent.

According to the Founder/Executive Director of ATI and the Fund, Prince Williams Oduro  “ We are building a system that will provide practical and sustainable solutions to poverty alleviation in Africa” adding that the people who live in resource-poor communities, especially, women are not sluggish. What they lack is access to opportunities and DFI is creating that for them. Sustainable development is possible once the world’s rich and most privileged individuals and communities are willing to act together.

The vision of the Fund is to become the leading provider of socially focused, sustainable and result-oriented micro-credit and business development solutions in Africa. “We will continue to work to improve the livelihoods of economically active families in resource-poor countries through high quality financial and sustainable business development services” said Prince Williams Oduro, Founder/Executive Director of ATI.

Consolidating ATI’s mandate of promoting human dignity and sustainable livelihood, the DFI seeks an equitable world that enhances productivity and sustainability of human choices, a world in which all people have the prospects to provide for their families and build a fulfilling life.

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