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ATI (Formerly ARII) Centre for Excellence in Early Childhood Development to Launch African Child Survival Index/Report (ACSI)

ATI (Formerly ARII) Centre for Excellence in Early Childhood Development to Launch African Child Survival Index/Report (ACSI)

The International Centre for Excellence in Early Childhood Development (ICEECD) at AfricaThriving International – ATI (Formerly African Rights Initiative International) will in the coming months launch “The African Child Survival Index”, a holistic on the development of the African child.

The African Child Survival Index (ACSI) is one of a kind survey which would be conducted in the light of Early Childhood Education and child Development in Ghana and Africa, taking a keen look at Ghana as the years progress. It has come to light that for a child to be “whole”, the education, growth and development – physical, cognitive, social, emotional, spiritual and moral – must be carefully put into consideration.

The purpose of this index is to establish a concrete context of how early childhood education and development is taken in Africa and how it has affected the assets we have, children and it serious repercussion on national development and continental development target. It would therefore help to improve the standard, scope and view on the importance of early childhood education and development in the African context and culture whiles helping solve the problems we face due to neglects. In the end, the ACSI would define a strategy for improvement.

The Index will look at the child specific environment that guarantees the full utilization of the development of children in the various African countries, recommend appropriate policies and reinforce governments’ commitment to the rights, privileges and development of children.

The Index will also look at how early childhood development impacts the socio economic and political culture of Africa, thereby engaging policy makers, think tanks and more importantly the corporate world on their sacred responsibility in determining the quality of the future workforce in Africa through conscientious and qualitative investment in early childhood education and development in Africa.

According to the Director for the Centre, who is also the Executive Director of AfricaThriving International -ATI (Formerly African Rights Initiative International) the Index will help increase the education and development investment in our youngest children and sustain this investment as a top state and corporate priority.  He believes that advocating early childhood education and development investment is the best way to combat the alarming school dropout rate and the inability of some children to get significant work or continue their educations after high school—if they finished high school at all.

He stressed that it is in the best interest of business and governments to invest in quality early education and development, since business is the greatest consumer of our education system, seeking students who can lead productive lives through more secure futures after their initial education ends.

We appeal to all around the Africa to help us build a strong foundation for a better future. Investing in children’s education and development brings many positive returns:

  • a strong foundation for tomorrow’s peace
  • more reliable stability and security
  • greater social justice
  • better prospects for shared prosperity
  • a deep sense of responsibility for corporate living
  • more excellent  approach to solving societal difficulties

As a Leader in Child Policy Research, Advocacy and Development, ICEECD-Ghana is a national resource centre providing training, information and education development opportunities and the dissemination of scientific knowledge on the development of young children.

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