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ARII and Ghana Navy Strengthen Efforts on Improving Healthcare Access in Rural Ghana

ARII and Ghana Navy Strengthen Efforts on Improving Healthcare Access in Rural Ghana

The leadership of the African Rights Initiative International (ARII) and the Doctors in the Gap Team on Tuesday 11th July, 2017 met the Naval Command of the Ghana Armed Forces on their ongoing partnership and to strengthen efforts on improving healthcare access in underserved communities in Ghana.

While many countries such as China, Cuba, Chile, and Costa Rica, the US, Canada, and Great Britain just few to mention have improved their healthcare services to fit the populations needs, access to primary health care in many African countries, including Ghana continues to be highly limited thereby leading to increased mortality and diseases from preventable causes.

The meeting brought together the key leadership from both the Ghana Navy and the African Rights Initiative International (ARII) to review their already existing co-operation and discuss other areas of collaborations in reaching thousands of people who are affected by extreme poverty and inadequate healthcare in rural Ghana through the Doctors in the Gap Programme.

From Left; Miss. Miss. Helena Owusu Ansah, Chief Pharmacist of the Doctors in the Gap (with Danadams Pharmaceuticals Limited), Rear Admiral Peter Kofi Faidoo, Chief of Naval Staff and Mrs. Afua Ansre, Deputy Chairperson of the ARII International Advisory Council/ CEO, The Innovations Village Seed Company/Former Country Director of UN Women

In his opening message at the meeting, the Chief of Naval Staff, Rear Admiral Peter Kofi Faidoo extended his congratulations to ARII and the Doctors in the Gap team for their remarkable effort in addressing the health delivery gap that has plagued most rural communities in Africa. He also thanked the gallant naval officers who serve with the Doctors in the Gap in life-threatening situations in Ghana for their commitment and goodwill. He pledged his team’s preparedness in working with the Doctors in the Gap to achieve the best possible outcomes. “I am proud to be a great part of the Doctors in the Gap Programme” He stressed.

The Ghana Navy is currently working with ARII through the Doctors in the Gap to address the health needs of over 42,000 people spread in 103 communities far removed from the scrutiny of the world, on the Dwarf Island at the Afram Plains North District in the Eastern Region. The people on the island live without fundamental freedoms of action and choice that the better-off take for granted. They often lack adequate food and shelter, education and health, deprivations that keep them from leading the kind of life that everyone values. They also face extreme vulnerability to ill health, economic dislocation and pains.

In his opening remarks, the Chairman of the African Rights Initiative International and a Former Deputy Controller and Accountant General of Ghana (Treasuries & ICTM), Mr. James Ntim Amponsah thanked the Naval Command for their commitment in partnering with ARII to complement the efforts of government in serving Ghana. He said his team believes that the time has come for Ghana to mobilize the largest medical, relief and development efforts to alleviate the suffering of the masses. “The potential of our people is great but they die out because of lack of support and opportunities like what we are providing”. He stressed. Mr. Ntim Amponsah also described the commitment of the Navy to the Doctors in the Gap Programme as excellent and compared to none. “My experience working with the Naval team was so memorable. They have a commitment that is very infectious. Their impact on both the programme and the entire team was very great”

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