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Saving Children In Emergencies

Emergency Relief and Medical Care for Children in Developing Countries

We are burdened by the enormous waste of human potentials in our world today

A major disease frightening for adults and children is the pain and trauma families deal with as they wait for their children to die due to poverty. In Emergencies, children are the most vulnerable.

Historically, global health policies emphasized multiple, vertically oriented programmes that focused on maternal and child health and the control of communicable childhood diseases. Unfortunately, these programmes do not encourage the development of efficient health care delivery systems. This is apparent in crises such as medical emergencies or incidents involving large numbers of casualties.

Children struggle to survive during disasters like famine, wars, and in natural disasters but amazingly they hold the future. In the wake of this, your support will help us offer immediate emergency aid as well as the long-term programmes that will enable children to heal and live normal, happy lives once more after emergency.

Emergency Relief Programmes

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