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Protecting Children From Exploitation

Children and Poverty

More than 150 million children are forced to work so they can earn enough money to survive. Some work as sex workers, miners or maids. Another 250,000 children are being exploited to fight in wars and more than 500million children are affected by violence – UNICEF

There is an increasing number of children who walk down the street, with no cloths on, no place to lay their heads and even what to eat is a daily struggle. Some young girls, as young as nine years have to be raped every day before they could have access to life basics. Their work is often hidden from the public eye and they may be isolated and/or working far away from their family home.

ARII has been in the forefront of helping children and families who have been affected by poverty. We ensure timely provision of range of services that promote the survival and protection of vulnerable children. We are working to end child exploitation and abuse by influencing government decisions and public opinions, to build a strong foundation for abused children.

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