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Health Care


Each year, we are losing more than 11 million children to preventable diseases as a result of inequalities in health and development and problems are worst where resources are least available; unfortunately, those who need more care have the least access.

The Unacceptable Disparity and Inequity

HEALTHCAREThe health gaps within and between countries have widened, perhaps due to inequality in the absorption of new technology as well as unequal distribution of new and re-emerging health problems. Disparity has increased, with a third of the global population wallowing in absolute poverty.

Africa is confronted by a heavy burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases. Cost-effective interventions that can prevent the disease burden exist but coverage is too low due to health systems weaknesses.

Doctors in the Gap

doctors-in-the-gapThe Doctors in the Gap Initiative is a joint partnership approach to involve medical professionals as volunteers to provide healthcare directly to those in need. The programme also helps to place public health and non-medical professionals to address broader health needs within communities and strengthen health management and information systems.

Sign Up today as Medical Volunteer. Be in the Gap. Save a Life on time.

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