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Zynnel’s dream of building a better world for children is seen in her selfless commitment to ending child poverty in Africa. As a Child Poverty Ambassador for Africa, she advocates for consented efforts by all stakeholders to invest in children and help break the circle of poverty hanging on the neck of millions of children, especially Sub-Sahara Africa, many of whom die before they are five. Zynnel believes that the future of every country depends to a large extent on how it treats its vulnerable people, especially children. As an early childhood development Advocates, Zynnel unites the celebrity and the corporate world to stand against child poverty in Africa.

Benny joined African Rights Initiative International in 2010 as the Goodwill Ambassador. He is a great drive for  ARII’s effort and a pillar for the United Against Child Poverty Campaign in Africa. Benny spends a great deal of time working for the most deprived in the Ghanaian society and Africa; raising support to undertake projects that benefits the most disadvantaged children and families, especially in the field of Education, health and socio-economic development. He shares in the principle that “Life is an inescapable network of mutuality” and his joy is to see society developed.

As a rising voice of hope and model of dignity and excellence for Africa, Mawuena Trebrah leads as the Corporate Impact Ambassador for the United Against Child Poverty Campaign, a joint partnership continental approach led by ARII. Mawuena works to ensure that every child has access to emergency healthcare, education, and life essentials that make the quality of life for the African Child. She shares in the ARII belief that “global prosperity and peace will only be achieved once the entire world’s people are empowered to order their own lives and provide for themselves and their families”. Her drive is to lead change for children in Africa; Mawuena uses her voice, influence and rich experiences advocating for more resources for the African child.

Prof. Korley believes that our collective efforts as a society will help us to find solution to the sensitive issues affecting the African child and communities in need. Prof. Korley is uniting leaders of global repute to use their influence, strength, power and resources to create a safe environment for the next generation of African leaders. His passion for change is amazing and his drive impeccable.

Emmanuel has tremendous passion for young people in Africa and that is manifested in many of his supportive ventures touching thousands of Africans, especially, young people, across the nations of our world. He is driven by the belief that we are blessed to be a channel of blessing to our society. As a Corporate Impact Ambassador for the United Against Child Poverty Campaign in Africa, Dei-Tumi appeals to all Africans; great and small, young and old to unite and create a lasting impact for children.

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